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Update up to the version 4.70 + interesting story
Hello, dear AutoClickExtreme user.

This is a letter to inform you about a new update up to the version 4.70:

What was added in the new version:
+ now you can change AutoClickExtreme window size. To see the table of events better you can double click the top title bar of the window to change the size. To return to the former size, double click the top title bar again. Or you can just drag the window border with a mouse. A useful thing, I like it myself (

+ a progressive pause is added to lessen the CPU usage.

The things I’ve managed to get rid of in this version:
- in the previous versions, when an event was copied from one branch and pasted into another one, the number of the inserted event was saved, and had to be changed manually. In this version it changes automatically to the number which follows the number of the previous event.

One more thing I’ve changed is the news format. From now on, once a week (or a fortnight) I plan to tell you a real story from my life concerning AutoClickExtreme. I have lots of interesting stories beginning from the one about me being a florin magnate in a popular online game Carnage and finishing by our users’ experience with AutoClickExtreme, which turned out to be better than its competitors (which cost more than $500). These will be only true-to-life stories taken from real life.  

Story number 1: Getting rid of tears.

One day my coworker called me and burst into tears telling how impossible it was to work with the program on Maternity Fund (the money given to a woman in Russia if she gives birth to a second child). It’s a good idea of our president, but the problem is in the program which handles applications. It is extremely slow! After two hours of work with it you feel the desire to hit the ceiling and by the end of the day you want to jump out of the window! Several days before, the same coworker told me, she had managed to handle even 30 applications per day.  
When she called me I tried to calm her down by offering my help in automating this routine. Her answer was: "It is simply impossible". This categorical answer was like a blow for me. As I have a wide experience in automating "anything”, and I’ve never given them a reason to mistrust me in this sphere. I decided, it could be explained by her ignorance of computers. When I came to her workplace to automate her routine, I saw the program was a really tough nut to crack. It generated an application number, showed it, but somehow didn’t allow to copy it. So my coworker had to write it down into a copybook, then she used this number in her further actions; and besides, she had to use some more numbers written in the same copybook. A couple of hours later I automated the whole task with the help of AutoClickExtreme and its Pixel Control. The colleague entered all the data needed into a notepad (notepad.exe), and AutoClickExtreme copied it going from line to line. I solved the problem of the application number with the help of FineReader, which recognized screenshots. The automation was made step by step, it was completely safe as everything was under Pixel Control. If anything went wrong, the program just made a pause and waited for me to come and show it what to do in such a case. My coworker didn’t even think about automating the task herself, as for an onlooker it all looked like a creation of an artificial brain (.
The result of my work was very pleasant. Her tears were replaced by joy: now she handled 60 applications per day and all this was done during off-duty hours.
Interruptions occurred either because of disconnecting or because of mistypes in the notepad – the same things that could occur without automating. To my words:”And you said it was impossible…” she gave an illogical answer: "I knew you were clever”. To tell the truth, you don’t have to be very clever to use AutoClickExtreme, it’s enough to know some peculiarities of its work (like those stated in our FAQ - and wish to automate.
The story I’ve told you had a continuation. The coworker, happy after getting rid of routine, told our management about a smart program that could handle applications itself. And they called me and asked to send them this program. I gave them instructions on the program work and sent it via email. Several days later the same coworker recommended me for an award fee of $33. They promised to pay me the money, but it never happened (it’s not an easy thing to get any extra money at my work().  
It’s a long letter this time. I’ll try to be more concise in the forthcoming letters.

Some other interesting news:
Now AutoClickExtreme finds images even if they change
Working non-stop for 10 days
I'm not the only person to use this program

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