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Batten down the hatches, get ready for diving!
What is new in the autoclicker version 5.15:
+  backup of files with hotkeys and task manager files (if these files are damaged, they will be automatically restored)
+ excessive events are deleted if you stop the Record by a hotkey
+ insertion of the saved task before each selected event + multiple selection of mouse cursor movements through the main menu "Events -> Select -> Mouse cursor movements”
+ "precise coincidence (temporary)” added during the main window search – provides more precise search of the necessary window
+ the Replay process is saved with more details into the work journal
+ events with variables are copied more correctly now
+ window search is improved – more time is given to the search of the applications which are not yet started

         Probably, you’ll be a little surprised that I haven’t congratulated you on the New Year, but I don’t consider it to be an important holiday. I wish you happiness and health not because of the New Year, but simply because I want you to be happy and healthy.
The overloaded December is gone. I’m sure all office workers had a tough time. Now we all can have a little rest. I myself have these 10 days off to work on the program – that’s a real holiday for me.
         Batten down the hatches, we are ready for diving! Most of my friends and relatives are notified that during these 10 days of holidays I’m working non-stop on my program. This is the happiest time for me. I hope to add more abilities to the program during these days and the vacation in February. I’ll keep you in the know of the latest     innovations in AutoClickExtreme. But for the time being I’m returning to my work.

Some other interesting news:
Now AutoClickExtreme finds images even if they change
One of the users automated 90% of his work
I'm not the only person to use this program
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