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My secrets how to improve self productivity ( + version 4.97)
Dear users, this is another update to the version 4.97
The last two weeks were very productive: how pleasant it is to spend a two weeks’ holiday on AutoClickExtreme :-) I’d like to inform you that I’ve fixed all known bugs in the program. Now I’ll take pains to make it more understandable. 
What has been done in Version 4.97:
+ The program now has a handy randomizer: you can set random variance in mouse clicks, clicks on Pixel Control images, random branch replays. In other words, you can imitate a completely crazy behavior of a user who clicks everywhere on the screen :-) Or you can imitate logically random behavior: different Replay branches determined by one and the same condition. 
+ The item "Copy current image” is added in the "Image” dropdown list in the Pixel Control dialog box. 
+ I’ve changed the dialog box of mouse and keyboard event change.
  The following bugs were fixed: 
- A rare bug of the program escape, if it worked for a long time through Playlist. I thank Andrei Soft for his help here.
- In the previous versions the program hung up at the stage of window search during Replay (in the dialog box "Stop me” only "##" was displayed). Now it works ok. I thank Denis Sorokin for using the debug version to find this bug. 
  For afters, I want to share my own secrets of productive work. These methods are all mine and may work only for me. Anyway, I’ve practiced them for a long time and can say that they really help to increase my productivity.
1. To aspire to a norm: to have one successfully fulfilled task per week. You should define tasks the fulfillment of which you could consider to be a success for you personally. You should also define the days of the week you could spend on achieving the aim. Suppose, you know the Tuesday and Wednesday will be relatively free, so these days are best for fulfilling your tasks. This can be a little success noticeable only for you, but a big success never comes all of a sudden. More over, such a success norm for each week gives a feeling of self-confidence – you are always sure you’ll have success this week. But don’t let this feeling turn into the feeling of being "damned” to success :-) Why you shouldn’t plan success every day? You may do it but as an exception – when you have to do lots of things in a short period of time. From the Pareto principle we can conclude, that 80% of work can be done in 20% of time. So, the rest 20% of the work you will do in the rest 80% of time. As a rule, you won’t get the feeling of success from the completion phase of work, when the main part is done and the project is functioning. To fully complete the work you’ll need 5 times more of the time you’ve spend on the main part. But this is mostly routine. If you plan success for every day, you’ll have a huge amount of routine, and sooner or later this will recoil on you.  
(I wrote an article about this in Russian 2 years ago: Hunting for success time.)

2. "Clever” work, especially things concerning information perception should be done in the morning. "Stupid” (routine) work is better to be done after noon. Work with out coming information, such as text writing, structuring, preparing a speech – should be done in the evening. So in other words, theoretical part – in the morning, practical part – in the evening. For example, it’s better to read articles or watch video lessons in the morning, but arranging of what you should read ant watch should be left for the evening. This part of the day is also more appropriate for practical work, that doesn’t require information absorption, but processing of what you’ve learned in the morning. 

3. Timer controlled work. Dynamic work increases productivity and reduces mistakes: 40 – 60 minutes of intensive work without interruption + 10 – 20 minutes of "relaxing” easy work with compulsory 5 minutes of rest. This is a heavy schedule, I break it often myself. It’s much easier just to work all day long :-) But thus, you’ll loose persistency, and the work process will be inactive. You’ll only have the illusion of being busy, for your conscience to be clean :-)

4. While you are working on computer, keep your head fixed on your shoulders straight. I don’t know why, but it puts thoughts in order. Your hands may move fast over the clipboard, your eyes may move fast from line to line, but your head, remaining immovable, keeps thinking :-), producing interesting ideas. But if you are close to stress, I strongly recommend not to use this method, as slight head movements help to relieve stress, both physical and emotional. 

I’ve experienced all these methods myself. If you want to share your own thoughts on this subject, you can send them to 

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