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Главная » 2011 » March » 18 » New arrangement of actions in the Actions Table. Autoclicker version 5.70
New arrangement of actions in the Actions Table. Autoclicker version 5.70
Features of Autoclicker v. 5.70:

++++ Not only the appearance of the Actions Table was changed, but also the internal arrangement of actions. Now they are grouped according to belonging to the same window, one type, for example, pressings/releases of keyboard keys in the same window will be displayed as a single action. At that, such a group of actions will be accompanied with a small screenshot, which allows to orientate in the Recording faster. A screenshot is fully displayed in the editing dialog of the corresponding group of actions. These changes required reorganization of playback and recording processes. Now the program responds to changes of windows coordinates more accurately, playback works better and faster. 
+ The left column contains more adequate icons, which inform about the type of action(s). Special thanks for Kdbled icons and gratuitous designer help!
+ Gradation of playback speed was changed, now by default AutoClickExtreme will play a Recording two times faster than the nominal speed. You can also set to three times faster and to the maximum speed as before.
- For now multiple changing of actions does not work, you cannot unbind actions from windows, but this all is in "to-do" list and will be available in the nearest future. As a temporary measure you can use recording of independent actions, if you press the "Record" button with the right mouse click.

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