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New version 5.29 autoclicker. For testing program and more

+ new opportunity to Screenshot Record and Replay aip files (which is most useful for testers, and simply for making most important automations more reliable)
To switch on the Screenshot of Replay, you should check   for each Recorded task. 
To switch on the Screenshot of Record, go to the settings. On default it's inactive.

+ the productivity of the program is calculated, statistics for each Record and general statistics of AutoClickExtreme work
- some pixel control bugs have been fixed
- some other inconveniences have been eliminated

From time to time the users of my program ask me if it's possible to make AutoClickExtreme work on the same computer where a user works at the same time. Now I can definitely tell you that it's POSSIBLE!!! At last I've tryed VirtualBox upon which there a plenty of delighted comments... My comment will be even more delighted, as this powerful utility is free, and moreover, it's perfect for making a user and AutoClickExtreme work together. You can even make several emulations of AutoClickExtreme for it to fulfill the work of two, three and more people, depending on the power of your CPU. Overtaken by enthusiasm, I'm planning to make several emulations for compleltely automated AutoClickExtreme testing. So that I could only start the installer, and it would get installed itself and start the global testing of my program, and then tell me if I can make another release of my favourite autoclicker or continue fixing the bugs...

Another piece of good news - I've quitted my constant job at last - from now on I'll make  high-quality releases more often, and I'll fix the bugs      immediately. So if you find something you don't like in the program - send me letters at

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