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New version 5.37 autoclicker.

+++ A new little button appeared in the dialogue box of Pixel Control editing. This button has the same function as a double click in the Pixel Control area. This button opens a new dialogue box in which you can see three options: change the image file through the dialogue box of *.bmp file opening, cut out rectangular areas of the image (so that they wouldn't take part in the image search) and save rectangular areas around the found image (it's useful either for making a report and partial screen shot of the screen or for using the saved image during other Pixel Controls, which provides dynamic Pixel Control)
+ A new column "Command line parameters” is added in the dialogue box of Application Control. It allows to start programs and open the needed documents in them at once or to send to these programs some other parameters which can be understood by the programs by means of the command line. 
+ Into the described above parameters of the command line you can insert AutoClickExtreme variables, like %ClB% (the Clipboard contents). That is if the command line parameters look like "C:\Program Files\notepad\%ClB%.txt", then instead of %ClB% the Clipboard contents for the moment of Replay will be inserted. 
+ Along with the ordinary application launch in the Application Control you can see "wait for the termination of the chosen application, "launch and termination”. 
- During the process of creating all the mentioned above innovations I didn't put out of mind fixing the bugs, and I'm grateful to all the users who reported about them.

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