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New version autoclicker with flexible Pixel Control.
New version 5.16 autoclicker with flexible Pixel Control.
+ Flexible Pixel Control. From time to time AutoClickExtreme doesn't find the Pixel Control image, even if there were no problems with this before. There can be lots of different reasons for that, beginning from menu buttons highlighting or smooth edges of screen fonts and finishing by dynamic image of a button background. Now, in the new version, the program on default finds an image with a minor deviation from the original one. The search process will look almost as usual for a user: the first several times AutoClickExtreme looks for the needed image as it did before, with complete coincidence, but if the image is not found, then the program tries to find an image with permitted deviation. The process is slower than during the standard search, it's 1,5 sec and more depending on the deviation value (the standard search time is 0,2 – 0,3 sec for one search on the whole screen). Anyway, it's a great help for a user, as it's not necessary to add many alternative variants for the images that often change. On the other hand, you can set the deviation value you need up to zero value (complete coincidence), while editing one or several events containing pixel control image. Or you can set a zero value in the default options of the program, and in this case the program will work as "conservatively" as before. The result of my non-stop work week has turned out to be not so huge as I expected, I hoped to do more, but life often changes our plans. In any case, after testing AutoClickExtreme at work, I clearly see the necessity of the new feature. So, I'm satisfied by the work result. Moreover, I have a vacation in February, and I think I will have more things done to be proud of :-)

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