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Update up to the version 4.70 + users' comments

Hello, dear users. It’s another update to the version 4.72.

I’d like to express gratitude to one of the users, Andrew Soft, who courageously helped me to find bugs. And thanks to him I’ve managed to fix the bug, because of which the program stopped working during the Playlist Replay.  
- I’ve changed the interface of the program to now include XP style support. I was stubborn for a long time, as I wanted to create my own interface, but I didn’t manage to do it successfully. 
- I’ve fixed a bug, which although rarely appeared, could stop the Replay at any point. 
- Moreover, I’ve made the window "Stop me” more informative. Before the update, this window was hidden during Pixel Control search in order not to cover the needed image. Now it is not for the first several seconds of Replay (as it is not required in most cases). But if AutoClickExtreme "sees” that the window was in the way, the next time it will be hidden not to delay the Replay. 
- Now the image in search is displayed in the window "Stop me” for the user to know at what stage the Replay is. If you notice that AutoClickExtreme works too slowly because of this, feel free to email me at, I’ll cancel image display at the highest speed.  
For afters, I’ll place a couple of interesting comments about AutoClickExtreme. I assure you, I’ve added nothing from myself here. I place them with permission from the authors, and I’m grateful to them for close consideration of AutoClickExtreme.
These are comments from Johan Vermeij, who works on a banking system for one of the largest banks in Indonesia: 
"I use you software to test a new project.
I have also recommended AutoClick to the bank where I work. The QA and UAT people there keep on keying and keying test data over and over again. Your only competition is IBM's Rational Rose and that doesn't work as well as yours. And it costs lots of money…
…I am thinking about your business. I have been in the computer software business since 1973. I have been waiting for software like AutoClick for a long time. I have seen many solutions come and go, never anything useful. Sell your software for a higher price. $25 per copy gives people the idea that your software is sub-standard where in fact it is not. It is fantastic. I work for one of the largest banks in Indonesia and they would not buy anything priced under $500 per copy.
About your software: It makes me happy because testing is miserable work. Very repetitive. And 600 menu items to test. 
I want to use AutoClickExtreme for: test scripts, demo work, system integrity.
I see AutoClick Extreme as a "rough diamond". If you wrote this you are a clever man.”
The last statement is under question for me, and in the next coming story "How hard it is to be an idiot”, I’ll give my reasons for that. Here are comments from Yegor Sechin, a Russian user of the program (translated from Russian):
"…As I promised, several words after using the program for a week. I’ve never used software of this kind before, to start with. Well, actually, I often use macros and other automation means everywhere I can to optimize my work. But, as a rule, all of them are limited by separate applications. In other words, I use one means in Word, some other - in Photoshop, etc. But this is the first time I’ve used a universal automation program. Now about the program itself. I should admit, I’m very pleased with it. It’s the dynamics I like about the program. I haven’t looked for similar solutions in the Internet, but the idea itself is in the spirit of a Russian man; creative approach and wide bounds. Besides, the bounds are so wide that when you come to think about automating the whole computer work, the brain tears into pieces! It would seem, that you can be thinking about the automation strategy for the whole month. But it’s easier to automate small simple tasks first, they would acquire more and more branches as time goes by and blend into larger tasks. It’s great that the program is flexible enough to provide this…
In particular, I’d like to comment upon the image recognition on the screen! The idea to realize this function is a rare success! I respect Denis for that! The sensation from what you see on the screen when the task is being replayed is like the one if you see the work of an artificial brain. (And it is stronger, if a person has no idea how it is realized, and how this "stupid” computer can do such things. I showed it to one guy… and he looked really impressed )))
I have only positive impressions of using the program, though I haven’t managed to have a more thorough look at it yes (unfortunately, have little time for that). But I’ve noticed a possible "barrier” between the audience and the program. I’ll tell you about it some other time, though. My working day finished 2 and a half hours ago )))”
I’ll surely ask him about the "barrier”. I hope, he’ll find some time for me, especially when I give him the link to this piece of news  

Some other interesting news:
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