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New version 4.74 + How hard it is to be an idiot in our world.

Hello, dear user.

This is another version update.

+ Now you can press CapsLock twice during Record instead of NumLock, the result will be the same. It is done for notebooks, as it’s not very convenient to use NumLock there. 
- I’ve fixed several bugs: the bug of repainting the window "Stop me”, the bug of the program exiting if it works with unlimited number of cycles, the bug that could stop the Replay when the program was trying to start an alternative Pixel Control branch.

- Now the program doesn’t ask whether to save the task or not if in Pixel Control settings in "Additional Replay Branch” there is "Stop and Replay…”. If you leave the program for a long time to replay a complicated script with branches and redirecting to other scripts by using "Stop and Replay…”, if a certain image is found on the screen; the moment of redirecting from the current script to an alternative one AutoClickExtreme may ask to save the current task as it’s made some unimportant changes in it. So, the Replay stopped and the program waited for the user’s answer. Now it doesn’t and starts the indicated task without saving the previous one, the Replay continues. So, be careful and save scripts before the Replay, if there is "Stop and Replay …” (if you use it, you’ll surely understand what I’m talking about).  

Today I’ll tell you the story I’ve promised. The story with a sad note but on the whole it’s positive J

So, how hard it is to be an idiot in a modern world. I mean myself here. If you want to see my photo, follow the link:
It’s AutoClickExtreme that turned me into an idiot, to be more precise, the idea about it. Can you imagine a man, who’s broken his leg at the basketball and is immensely happy about it. This very thing happened to me a year ago. I was happy I didn’t have to go to work, could stay at home and give all my time to AutoClickExtreme. I knew I had little time and thoroughly scheduled my working hours. I couldn’t allow being slow and lazy, that’s why had to split all the work into parts: 40 minutes of intense work on the program, 20 minutes - other things. And in the evening, awfully tired but satisfied, went to bed. When I came back to work after the sick leave, my coworkers noticed I looked surprisingly healthy and happy. To tell the truth, all possible vocations somewhere at the sea side can’t be compared with the month I spent with AutoClickExtreme. - it’s a Russian group in the internet, which is devoted to shareware programs. I wrote to them the following words: 
"Our creative work on AutoClickExtreme resembles life of beginning rock'n'roll players – no money, no time, nothing but a flight of a desiring soul, that comes from work and creates, creates nonstop. All holidays, vacations, sick leaves – all the time to AutoClickExtreme…”
One of the answers they gave me was: "If a person has a full time job and a family, I don’t think it’s possible to create a good shareware program, especially alone and without any skills apart from the programming ones. But maybe miracles happen…”
Miracles happen for sure and these are our holidays: the broken leg made it possible to create Smart Control, New Year holidays – Pixel Control. And there are extensive plans for the future.
It’s a craziness as well to be delighted with the idea, especially after I’ve learned that macro recorders of this kind are not very advanced. At least, I’ve heard this from the developers I’m on friendly terms with. I can also conclude this after a rough analysis of the internet market. Nevertheless, I’ll derive consolation from the thought that macro recorders will get more advanced some day. 
By the way, "Idiot” is the best Dostoevsky creation, to my mind. 

Some other interesting news:
Now AutoClickExtreme finds images even if they change
One of the users automated 90% of his work
Working non-stop for 10 days

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