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Главная » 2009 » August » 25 » Hurray!!! I’m quitting the job for the sake of my auto clicker + “Hard'n'Soft” magazine have noticed AutoClickExtreme (+ version 4.78)
Hurray!!! I’m quitting the job for the sake of my auto clicker + “Hard'n'Soft” magazine have noticed AutoClickExtreme (+ version 4.78)

Hello, dear user, it’s another version update. 

Version 4.78. Fixed bugs:

- In the previous versions the program seemed to be looking for an image (when in fact it wasn’t) and then terminated. Such a thing happened once in several hours of continuous work. It’s ok now.
- The bug of not saving numerical variables into a file and string variable.
- The Replay stopped if you clicked on the button "Continue” in the manager dialog box during replay of the last event. 
- The table of evens used to get empty and the Task couldn’t be loaded, because of incorrect Task name in the Task Manager.  
- I’ve made some optimization of window search. For the time being, this process is the most resource-intensive in AutoClickExtreme during Replay.

- Cancelled a request to save the previous Record if the program is replayed from the command line.

  Hurray!!! I’m quitting my current job! Though, it won’t happen soon – I’ve promised to work up to the end of December – I already feel I’ve made the right choice. All unpleasant conversations with the boss and relatives are over now. But I can understand them: it’s the global financial crisis and I decided to quit one of the best jobs in our town from the point of view of stability and wage rate. On the other hand, somebody in our town will get a wonderful job :-). AutoClickExtreme in better months gives me only two thirds of my current salary. But I still hope to make up for the rest part by means of improving the program. There are lots of ideas in my head, which I’ve been cherishing for a long time; among them there are some unique things, which can’t be seen in analogue programs. It only remains to arm myself with patience and count days until the new year. 

  Some more cheering news this week – AutoClickExtreme was noticed in Russian "Hard'n'Soft” magazine. They promised to publish a notice in the news line. 
To get an anonymous (rss) subscription to AutoClickExtreme news, just click on the link.

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