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Views: 9371 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 13.06.2011

Hello, dear users.  

I am glad to introduce a new version 5.87 and apologize to everyone, who lost his\her patience in an uncompromising fight with bags and faults, which occurred due to change of the program basis. We especially thank  V.Oblom, Kostya192, Sergey O. And there was really something to fight for: now the program structure is more efficient, and it contains all recorded actions. Due to this fact Playback was completely changed. However the best what the old version had was preserved. But the speed improved and the load on the processor decreased. All this opens further horizons for development. At present my "to-do” list contains about 500 large and small items, it will be enough for about 10 years, and in 2020, if I live until that time, I will understand, that it will be enough for the whole life. Anyway – my grandchildren will reap the fruits of a victory ;)   ... Read more »
Views: 7846 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 29.04.2011

Features of Autoclicker v. 5.70:

++++ Not only the appearance of the Actions Table was changed, but also the internal arrangement of actions. Now they are grouped according to belonging to the same window, one type, for example, pressings/releases of keyboard keys in the same window will be displayed as a single action. At that, such a group of actions will be accompanied with a small screenshot, which allows to orientate in the Recording faster. A screenshot is fully displayed in the editing dialog of the corresponding group of actions. These changes required reorganization of playback and recording processes. Now the program responds to changes of windows coordinates more accurately, playback works ... Read more »
Views: 1826 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 18.03.2011

+++ A new little button appeared in the dialogue box of Pixel Control editing. This button has the same function as a double click in the Pixel Control area. This button opens a new dialogue box in which you can see three options: change the image file through the dialogue box of *.bmp file opening, cut out rectangular areas of the image (so that they wouldn't take part in the image search) and save rectangular areas around the found image (it's useful either for making a report and partial screen shot of the screen or for using the saved image during other Pixel Controls, which provides dynamic Pixel Control)
+ A new column "Command line parameters” ... Read more »
Views: 1581 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 16.08.2010

+ new opportunity to Screenshot Record and Replay aip files (which is most useful for testers, and simply for making most important automations more reliable)
To switch on the Screenshot of Replay, you should check   for each Recorded task. 
To switch on the Screenshot of Record, go to the settings. On default it's inactive.

+ the productivity of the program is calculated, statistics for each Record and general statistics of AutoClickExtreme work
- some pixel control ... Read more »
Views: 7231 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 21.06.2010

New version 5.25 autoclicker. In the Pixel Control is added the opportunity to limit the area of search of the required image which in the most of cases accelerates its search on the screen. While searching the images of the Pixel Control, the search area narrows to the coordinates which are close to the coordinates of the search of the images. Because of this the type of research changes from "Within the whole screen" to "Within the rectangle + sometimes within the whole screen". Thus a user don’t have to care to determine a search area preffered for every image, this areas automatically determined. When the AutoClickExtreme is launched repeatedly it begins to work noticeably quickly. After the successful reproductions it is recommended to save the changes with the help of the main menu "File->Save".
Views: 2523 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 05.05.2010

New version 5.16 autoclicker with flexible Pixel Control.
+ Flexible Pixel Control. From time to time AutoClickExtreme doesn't find the Pixel Control image, even if there were no problems with this before. There can be lots of different reasons for that, beginning from menu buttons highlighting or smooth edges of screen fonts and finishing by dynamic image of a button background. Now, in the new version, the program on default finds an image with a minor deviation from the original one. The search process will look almost as usual for a user: the first several times AutoClickExtreme looks for the needed image as it did before, with complete coincidence, but if the image is not found, then the program tries to find an image with permitted deviation. The process is slower than during the standard search, it's 1,5 sec and more depending on the deviation value (the standard search time is 0,2 – 0,3 sec for one search on t ... Read more »
Views: 5075 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 14.01.2010

What is new in the autoclicker version 5.15:
+  backup of files with hotkeys and task manager files (if these files are damaged, they will be automatically restored)
+ excessive events are deleted if you stop the Record by a hotkey
+ insertion of the saved task before each selected event + multiple selection of mouse cursor movements through the main menu "Events -> Select -> Mouse cursor movements”
+ "precise coincidence (temporary)” added during the main window search – provides more precise search of the necessary window
+ the Replay process is saved with more details into the work journal
+ events with variables are copied more correctly now
+ window search is improved – more time is given to the search of the applications which are not yet started

         Probably, you’ll be a little surprised that I haven’t congratulated you on the New Y ... Read more »
Views: 2438 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 04.01.2010

What is new in this Version 5.02:

+ Now log files of the Replay process are more detailed. In other words, if you open the menu item "Help - Open the work journal", you can learn more about the replay process, such things as: at what point the program switched to another Replay branch, what application was launched. 
+ The Replay speed of mouse clicks, key strokes is much higher now.
- A rare bug of program escape is fixed.

As the program reached version 5.00, you can buy it at a discount prise. In October, 2009 one registered version costs only $35. Hurry up this price is available only in October.  

To get an anonymous (rss) subscription to AutoClickExtreme news, just click on the link

... Read more »

Views: 1821 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 09.10.2009

Dear users, this is another update to the version 4.97
The last two weeks were very productive: how pleasant it is to spend a two weeks’ holiday on AutoClickExtreme :-) I’d like to inform you that I’ve fixed all known bugs in the program. Now I’ll take pains to make it more understandable. 
What has been done in Version 4.97:
+ The program now has a handy randomizer: you can set random variance in mouse clicks, clicks on Pixel Control images, random branch replays. In other words, you can imitate a completely crazy behavior of a user who clicks everywhere on the screen :-) Or you can imitate logically random behavior: different Replay branches determined by one and the same condition. 
+ The item "Copy current image” is added in the "Image” dropdown list in the Pixel Control dialog box. 
+ I’ve changed the dialog box of mouse and keyboard event change.
  The followi ... Read more »
Views: 3856 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 19.09.2009

What is added in version 4.81:  
- the tray menu hides if you click outside of it
- the manager stops when the Replay is stopped
- more strict control of Shift, Alt, Ctrl releases

Some other interesting news:
Now AutoClickExtreme finds images even if they change
One of the users automated 90% of his work
Working non-stop for 10 days
Views: 2354 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 08.09.2009

Dear AutoClickExtreme user, here you can read about improvements in the new version.
What was added in Version 4.79:
- Window repainting of a program you automate takes place once in 10 seconds now. This is made because Pixel Control rectangular markers blink and may interfere with the next following Pixel Control.
- Some weak points in Pixel Control were strengthened.

- More correct import of file contents into the Clipboard and its saving into a file. There were some incorrectly displayed symbols in the previous versions.

To get an anonymous (rss) subscription to AutoClickExtreme news, just click on the link

Some other interesting news:
Now AutoClic ... Read more »

Views: 2340 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 01.09.2009

Hello, dear user, it’s another version update. 

Version 4.78. Fixed bugs:

- In the previous versions the program seemed to be looking for an image (when in fact it wasn’t) and then terminated. Such a thing happened once in several hours of continuous work. It’s ok now.
- The bug of not saving numerical variables into a file and string variable.
- The Replay stopped if you clicked on the button "Continue” in the manager dialog box during replay of the last event. 
- The table of evens used to get empty and the Task couldn’t be loaded, because of incorrect Task name in the Task Manager.  
- I’ve made some optimization of window search. For the time being, this process is the most resource-intensive in AutoClickExtreme during Replay.

- Cancelled a request to save the previous Record if the program is replayed from the command line.

  Hurray!!! I’m quitti ... Read more »

Views: 2250 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 25.08.2009

Hello, dear AutoClickExtreme user. It’s a new version update again.

Last week I had a severe fight with bugs – the aggressive enemy defense was cracked and now this conflict has the character of a partisan warfare J

The following bugs have been fixed in the new version:

... Read more »

Views: 3175 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 18.08.2009

Hello, dear user.

This is another version update.

+ Now you can press CapsLock twice during Record instead of NumLock, the result will be the same. It is done for notebooks, as it’s not very convenient to use NumLock there. 
- I’ve fixed several bugs: the bug of repainting the window "Stop me”, the bug of the program exiting if it works with unlimited number of cycles, the bug that could stop the Replay when the program was trying to start an alternative Pixel Control branch.

- Now the program doesn’t ask whether to save the task or not if in Pixel Control settings in "Additional Replay Branch” there is "Stop and Replay…”. If you leave the program for a long time to replay a complicated script with branches and redirecting to other scripts by using "Stop and Replay…”, if a certain image is found on the screen; the moment of redirecting from the current script to an alternative one ... Read more »

Views: 1891 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 11.08.2009

Hello, dear users. It’s another update to the version 4.72.

I’d like to express gratitude to one of the users, Andrew Soft, who courageously helped me to find bugs. And thanks to him I’ve managed to fix the bug, because of which the program stopped working during the Playlist Replay.  
- I’ve changed the interface of the program to now include XP style support. I was stubborn for a long time, as I wanted to create my own interface, but I didn’t manage to do it successfully. 
- I’ve fixed a bug, which although rarely appeared, could stop the Replay at any point. 
- Moreover, I’ve made the window "Stop me” more informative. Before the update, this window was hidden during Pixel Control search in order not to cover the needed image. Now it is not for the first several seconds of Replay (as it is not required in most cases). B ... Read more »
Views: 2231 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 03.08.2009

Hello, dear AutoClickExtreme user.

This is a letter to inform you about a new update up to the version 4.70:

What was added in the new version:
+ now you can change AutoClickExtreme window size. To see the table of events better you can double click the top title bar of the window to change the size. To return to the former size, double click the top title bar again. Or you can just drag the window border with a mouse. A useful thing, I like it myself (

+ a progressive pause is added to lessen the CPU usage.

The things I’ve managed to get rid of in this version:
- in the previous versions, when an event was copied from one branch and pasted into another one, the number of the inserted event was saved, and had to be changed manually. In this version it changes automatically to the number which follows the number of the pre ... Read more »
Views: 9927 | Added by: ace-forum | Date: 27.07.2009

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